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Should be possible to filter meta=readinglists by reading list id
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When rendering a reading list I want to be able to render all pages in the list along with the title and description of the list.
It seems the meta=readinglists API parameter does not allow for filtering by id

For a list with id 1 it might look like this:


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@Jdlrobson we should talk about your workflow so we can understand it.

We assumed that you would fetch the list of reading lists (with metadata) and show that to the user. Then they could tap a readinglist and you would then show the entries.

It sounds like you will have a reading list id, but none of the meta data... can you explain why and how you are retaining the list id, but aren’t able to retain the other metadata about the list?

It just may be we misunderstood how web would interact with the API.

The web has no concept of state, so when I tap a reading list I am navigated to "/wiki/Special:ReadingLists/Jdlrobson/2/My list name" (the list with id 2). I want to render the description and title of this as well as the list of items. I could of course just make this a single page app, but this is not very web-like and it's nice to be able to bookmark a reading list or find it in the address bar by typing its name (which is in the URL).

There is no way to get meta data for a single list - right now I'm working around the problem by requesting all lists (which is fine up until the point you have more than 50 lists).

Change 439519 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gergő Tisza; owner: Gergő Tisza):
[mediawiki/extensions/ReadingLists@master] Add list parameter to meta=readinglists

Change 439519 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/ReadingLists@master] Add list parameter to meta=readinglists

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