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Create a prototype to show Wikipedia Page Previews outside of Wikipedia
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Wikimedia Reading team recently released Page Previews for Wikipedia. Page Previews are a way to read the short description of an article without going to the article. It's an easy and cheap way to get context about a topic.
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Project Description

We would like to make page previews into a service that anyone should be able to use. News publishers, bloggers, content publishers should be able to present content from Wikipedia on their own platform.


Context Cards are intended for content publishers around the world.


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Live demo


Excerpt for the third party publishers
Context Cards are a way to embed the supporting information needed to understand a story. This is traditionally done through writing. Context Cards is a parallel way of learning about a term the reader might not be familiar with and thus it works for both types of readers — the ones who need the context and the one who don't not.
Context Cards reduce the cost of exploration and makes up for a better reading experience.

Interest from content publishers

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I think this can easily be installed as a Wordpress plugin. Let's think about the possibilities!

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@Nirzar: Has this happened at the Hackathon and should this task be closed as resolved? If not, which (active) project (tag) is this about?

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Yep, it happened and is done for now 👍