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Add links to Help pages in Special:Version
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In Special:Version, there are two lists of items that users can
use in their wikitext syntax. They appear under the headings:

  • Parser extension tags
  • Parser function hooks

towards the end of the specal page.

It would be quite helpful, if each entry in either list could
be transformed into a link to the appropriate help page or a
help page section, so as to allow users to easily access them.

Most usually, help should exist in the local wiki in the main
language of the wiki. Since software generating the link can
pretty easily check whether or not they exist, it can as well
fall back to link to the general help pages in or elsewhere
for languages / wikis not (yet) having own translations.

Version: 1.22.1
Severity: enhancement
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Since software generating the link can pretty easily check whether or not they exist,

With which name? The title would be localised as well.

I can think of two ways:

  1. The English name is always usable in any localization. If it is used for the help page reference, installations can choose to make those a redirect.
  2. The localized name is known to the Special:Version code as well, thus it can be used to refer to the help page.

Of course, they can be combined, if one does not exist locally,
choose the other, else link externally.

I say just point to the en docs, just like we point straight to, etc.

Has this been fixed recently? and the equivalent page in other Wikimedia feature headers with links to

However, 1.22.1 sites like e.g. still show these headers in a table without links.

(In reply to comment #4)

Has this been fixed recently?

Not really, because the two main manuals only include the default-ish tags, not all the possible ones. Finding a link for each tag as suggested in comment 0 is probably overkill, therefore to reach the same goal we should link help pages for each extension I guess, à la bug 43591.

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