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When adding a redirected category to a page, put the page in both the redirect cat and its target
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Author: catlow

Great that we now have category redirects working properly, but I suggest a slight improvement - if cat2 redirects to cat1 and page1 is placed in cat2, then have page1 added not only to cat1, but to cat2 AS WELL. This will make it easier to find which pages use specifically the cat2 name, which is necessary for some maintenance purposes.

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PhiLiP.NPC wrote:

May fixed in r47530.

Reverted in r48796 pending clarifcation and code cleanup.

catlow wrote:

Can someone say what's happening with this now? It seemed to be almost sorted, then it was reverted, and now there's no sign of any further activity. As with the other redirect-related feature (bug 17934), now the bulk of the work has been done it seems a shame to leave the functionality unusable because of a small outstanding problem. (I don't know the details of the coding, but maybe these two bugs are related?)

Ignoring the fact cat redirects got reverted pending a cleaner implementation, I don't know how good an idea this is. It seems like if a category is a redirect, it should not have any members itself.

(That said, a proper implementation of category redirects would have to record this info anyways)

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