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Build Math extension container on Postmerge
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During the RelEng SSD pipeline meeting today, we talked about interim solutions to the problem of building a MediaWiki + extensions container from which a service might be exercised by a broad set of tests. The long-term solutions mentioned in T193824 include an ongoing RfC and experimentation with composer. While we are participating in the ongoing RfC process, the logic for extension dependencies already exists within the integration/config repo so we could use that logic as part of post-merge to build an image.

What's still needed:

  • Container base image - we'll likely need a base image with some version of PHP and a webserver(?) there are (were) images used for CI for PHP
  • Jenkins Job that utilizes the requirements logic inside integration/config to build a directory that will power functional MediaWiki install with the Math extension
  • A Dockerfile or a blubber config that can take that directory and produce a tagged image

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In case you need an automated way to test if Math extension is installed, there is a test for that (since Wikimedia-Hackathon-2018)! 😉

  1. We want a base image with apache and php but not MediaWiki
  2. Rely on CI to build the MediaWiki directory
  3. mw-core, Math extension, mw-vendor (for composer.lock)
    • Not using zuul/
    • no dev/test dependencies "required"
  4. composer install only for mwcore (math doesn't need deps from composer)
  5. tag and push to registry (possibly run docker run --rm -it mweval var_dump($wgVersion); first)
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