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resource-modules linting is failing and blocking merging patches
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Example failure log:

It seems like some files changed in mediawiki core and as such the linter is confused about mw.msg, which it finds defined in resources/src/mediawiki/mediawiki.base.js but that is not included in the default files list of the linter.

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@ovasileva, @Jdlrobson, this is blocking our code merges so I'm pulling it into the sprint.

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Change 440171 had a related patch set uploaded (by Niedzielski; owner: Stephen Niedzielski):
[mediawiki/extensions/MobileFrontend@master] Fix: upgrade resource-modules linter

Change 440171 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/MobileFrontend@master] Fix: upgrade resource-modules linter

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This is back again.
A new issue showed up today in resource-modules blocking merges.

Error: Dependency problems in file: resources/
21:10:58   Required mw.msg defined in file resources/src/mediawiki.base/mediawiki.base.js not found in any dependencies

Given the recent change to the library, I figured we had muted core warnings, so looks like some more work here is needed.

@Niedzielski PR merged and resource-modules@2.1.0 released.

Given the recent change to the library, I figured we had muted core warnings, so looks like some more work here is needed.

That is not possible. In short, the linter has this feature:

  • Global mw namespaces/usages
    • Tracks global definitions of mw.X = { ... }, mw.X.Y = ... and $.extend( mw.X, { Y: ... } ), from the extension and core.
    • Tracks usages of mw.X in sources
    • Complains when used mw.X globals are not in previously defined scripts in ResourceModules

Which means, for example, that if you use mw.RegExp in your frontend sources, but
the resource module mediawiki.RegExp is not found in the dependency tree of resource modules in extension.json, then you get an error.

That error is the one you write up there, it is not an error in core. It is an error in your dependencies because you didn't specify the mediawiki.RegExp dependency on your extension.json, which is defined in a file in core.

Now, mediawiki has a set of files/modules that are added unconditionally from the source, and the linter needs to know about them. Since they are not marked in Resources.php in any way, and we don't have a good way to get the default files from the linter, we maintain a list of default mediawiki files in the code:

Since in the last month default files have been moved around in core and changed folders and renamed, the default files list doesn't contain them any more and the linter can't find the file in Resources.php so it complains about them.

There is no way to avoid this right now without disabling the global variables dependency checking feature, which is important and has saved us from untrackable JS exceptions in the past because of race conditions in the dependency tree.

The proper solution to make the linter immune to changes to file names and paths in core is to find a way to get the list of default files from core, instead of specifying them manually in the sources. That is basically impossible right now sadly. We could probably move to getting the files from the jquery, mediawiki and mediawiki.base from the core configuration (because they are added by getStartupModules in php), and add startup.js to them (because it is added manually). The thing is there are then files that are always there because they get added by PHP code all over, like mediawiki.template and others, so it is impossible to get a list of default files because they are generated at runtime. In the end there will need to be a list to maintain of default modules at the very least.

I'd recommend you and the rest go read the list of features that this tool provides. If it is found not useful or worthy of the cost, then remove it from the extension and deprecate the CI job.

For now I'll be adding @Niedzielski as a maintainer and owner of the npm package so that he can perform the fixes he's been doing and unblock the team without me. I'll be around for consulting too of course.

I see that T197251: Transition mw-node-qunit and resource-modules to wikimedia/ is around, which is good. I've subscribed there to help with anything you need.

and... back again.

Error: Dependency problems in file: resources/mobile.init/BetaOptinPanel.js:
20:58:07   Required mw.user defined in file resources/src/startup/mediawiki.js not found in any dependencies
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