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Sort out scope between #MediaWiki-extension-requests vs. #Technical-Tool-Request tags
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As per emails in 02-03/2018 between James Hare, Srishti and me.

This task is about MediaWiki-extension-requests vs. Technical-Tool-Request
This task is not about Possible-Tech-Projects vs. Outreach-Programs-Projects - see T189101 instead.


In my opinion:
MediaWiki-extension-requests is a subset of Technical-Tool-Request, literally an implementation detail.
I slightly prefer option b) but really up to whoever feels responsible:
a) Technical-Tool-Request should remain the catch-all to triage (which requires someone to feel responsible to regularly triage)
b) MediaWiki-extension-requests should be merged into Technical-Tool-Request and the workboard of Technical-Tool-Request should be used to categorize the implementation detail ("MediaWiki extension", "Tool on Toolforge", "JavaScript Gadget", something else?). Again someone with development knowledge would need to triage the 'Backlog' column and drag task cards into the corresponding 'implementation style' column.
General docs:

if changes are wanted, we'll need to check project descriptions of Possible-Tech-Projects , Outreach-Programs-Projects , MediaWiki-extension-requests , Technical-Tool-Request and update/correct if needed, once changes have been performed.

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I'd love to have input / an opinion from @Harej here. :)

I like option b the best, but I think then we would need a new/adjusted name, since "tool" in common parlance does not include "MediaWiki extension" (although we agree both are ways of fulfilling business requirements).

Thanks! Heh, ... Indeed.
#Technical-solution-request is too vague (every bug needs a technical solution).
#Technical-implementation-request? Hmmm. I wonder how to imply a separate codebase. Probably I cannot. :P

I feel like we already had this discussion before?

Yep, see T134103#2625089 and T134103#2625093. I don't think anything has really changed since then.

Oh gosh, true. I'm tempted to decline this task because if people prefer to have two separate projects instead of one workboard, shrug...

No replies, so I'm declining for the time being.