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Short URLs for page actions such as /history/Title (Enable wgActionPaths at WMF)
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With the move to dual-licensing with CC-by-sa, reusers should link back to the history.

I propose nice URLs for the history pages, so we don't end up with things peppered with "?" and "&" and "=" printed on mugs, travel guides, etc. e.g. instead of .

(Obviously, reusers *could* put up their own history page. But making compliance easier is likely to make it better.)

I filed this as an enhancement of Wikimedia's installation, rather that of MediaWiki itself, as it's mostly mod_rewrite config. It would of course be nice if the software did this by default when short URLs are enabled, but that may really be a further enhancement.

See also:
T18659: Add short permalink route for revision oldid (e.g. /revision/123)



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Cf bug 16659. Not really a dupe though.

Rob, don't set this up quite yet -- I think I want to float a few sample configs before we commit to URLs.

I just found this lovely related notes page and hence I came looking for why this task idea, or the alternative T14619: Use article path URLs for editing, previewing skins, etc., hadn't been made default since I last looked at them (idk!?).

I also found T208328: If url has a title, then users should see the clean urls (not the script path) which provides a bunch of nice examples of how the latter already works, just isn't default yet.

I'm noting it all here, in case any prove useful to nudging something forward. :)

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