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Define TORA as an endpoint in Wikidata
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Requirement see Wikidata:SPARQL_federation_input

  • Complies with the SPARQL 1.1 protocol, "query operation" part, at least to the extent necessary to make federated SERVICE clause work
  • Contains data that can be linked to Wikidata
  • Has data freely available under license compatible with CC0 (preferred)

Event Timeline

Salgo60 created this task.Jul 20 2018, 8:10 AM
Salgo60 moved this task from Backlog to Input Riksarkivet on the WMSE-Riksarkivet-TORA board.

@Matthiaspalmer nu har vi testat med NobelData se {T200668: Set up Nobel Data as federated search with Wikidata} så får vi nedanstående info till TORA eller annan db som bygger på samma teknik så kan vi starta testa

Information needed

From page Wikidata:SPARQL_federation_input we need the following info (TODO: Check with Nobel Data)

SPARQL Endpoint???
Licence?? exempel terms-of-use CC-0

Nästa steg i processen är

  1. att man begär att den skall sättas upp i WIkidata Wikidata:SPARQL_federation_input
  2. sedan blir den godkänd se User_Manual/SPARQL_Federation_endpoints
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Salgo60 added a comment.EditedOct 13 2018, 2:48 PM

I have also been in contact with Cecilia Notini at the Swedish National Archives to see what can be done but it feels like a very slow process.... Next step needs to be taken by Swedish National Archives.

Wikidata is prepared see T200668: Set up Nobel Data as federated search with Wikidata