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Underreporting WikiSource edits?
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I was looking at this historical edit counts for|bar|2-Year~2016070100~2018080300|~total and just gut check comparing this against the # of edits and that doesn't even seem realistic for all wikisources -- just English, Italian and French would probably result in that number. Are edits getting lost in that historical statistic? is the most recent month more realistic?

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Astinson created this task.Aug 3 2018, 1:27 PM
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I bet I know why that isn't working: the edit count may not be counting the contributions to the Proofread page extension namespaces?

Hi again @Astinson,
The wikisource item in Wikistats selector refers to the url, not every wikisource bundled together.
See|line|2-Year~2016070100~2018080300|~total for the number of edits on for instance.
We plan on providing "project-aggregated" metrics in wikistats, but it's not available as of today.

@JAllemandou That is not clear on the labeling of that item -- it says "Sources" which suggests a plural set of projects.

is there anyway we could run a report that produces the country pageview day for all WikiSources for last month and then about a year ago? Otherwise, I am in the situation of having to pull each set out manually from the tool.

@Astinson the ultimate solution to this is the parent task that Nuria just added. If you need answers quicker, I'm happy to help you write some sql and get to some answers. Ping me and we'll dive in.

Nuria added a subscriber: Nuria.Aug 6 2018, 4:44 PM

@Astinson : labelling comes from sitematrix : Please fix as needed be, we just present the labeling there. This is the entry on the sitematrix:

              "url": "",
              "dbname": "sourceswiki",
              "code": "sources",
              "sitename": "Wikisource"

@Milimetric @Nuria The amazing @Samwalton9 came to my rescue with some scripting and API pulls and got pretty far. I think for the quick and dirty stuff I need right now, that will do for me.

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Sounds like this is resolved, thanks @Samwalton9