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Mark FlaggedRevs pages as needing review when data fetched from Wikidata changes
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FlaggedRevs can mark pages as needing review when a transcluded template or image changes (but the text of the page does not). It would be great to have the same for Wikidata.

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I would say that this potentially would be a very, very, I mean, very bad feature for any project that uses both Wikidata and FlaggedRevs extensively. This unpatrolling routinely means that you have to recheck pages because file description on Commons changed in some time. When projects use Wikidata, there are some links that go outside to tens of different pages, so that problem would be even worse when each change of information in Wikidata would trigger FlaggedRevs rereview.

Without some installing of FlaggedRevs infrastructure (which is impossible) in Wikidata this would just lead to hundreds of thousands of unpatrolled pages in case of Russian Wikipedia.

As a ruwiki user I support stjn. Realisation of your proposal would mean that more than a 50% ruwiki articles will be always unpatrolled, because

  • many ruwiki articles contains Wikidata data through infobox
  • Wikidata elements about any notable entity are edited very often, and
  • FlaggedRevs considers every Wikidata edit is unpatrolled, because there are no FlaggedRevs on Wikidata

Such problem already exists with Commons' files included into ruwiki articles.

I would love to have this feature in Hungarian Wikipedia. There were many instances of incorrect information or untranslated words appearing in infoboxes and in many cases they were noticed only weeks or months later. If Flaggedrevs could mark these pages as needing review, we could spot these additions. It would be great, though, if the communities could decide whether to implement this new feature, so if Russian Wikipedia or any other wikipedia doesn't want it, or tries it and decides against it, it wouldn't be forced on them.

I think that this requires that patrol/autopatrol flags from Wikidata should be propagated to the local wiki to be useful. (other way it will just flood the local wiki)

add flaggedrevision extension to I don't it is suitable for, but i don't think that is what @Tgr asked in the ticket.

I read the ticket so that there should be a possibility to a downstream wiki ( ,, etc) to confirm also changes from wikidata. In example currently if photo changes in used in a wikipage, it will flag the page so that it will need a review. However, this is purely a local wiki feature and doesn't need special support in Wikimedia Commons.