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Creating Cyrillic to Latin transliteration for Kumyk language
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Hi, all

I'm initiating the process of enabling Kumyk transliteration for the Kumyk incubator (, with the following qualities:
— Cyrillic-to-Latin only
— able to write articles using Latin also

Here is a PHP code on github

Please help with any further steps required to implement the code. I do not know how to proceed from now on.
@TJones, your help is also much needed.

Thank you

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Hi @Arsenekoumyk, thanks for taking the time to report this! Is this about MediaWiki-Language-converter ?

Arsenekoumyk updated the task description. (Show Details)Sep 30 2018, 4:50 PM

@Arsenekoumyk: Are you still working on this task? Just checking as you set yourself as assignee.

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Nope, I can't do it for I have no idea how to develop anything here. I thought someone would help. Suppose I need to write example cases for every rule in the code so that the implementation is easier, as @TJones recommended

Strongly oppose. Kumyk writing is based on the Cyrillic alphabet. The Latin alphabet project of 1991 remained as just a project and hasn't been officially adopted anywhere. The author of this request should have spent more time on the development of the Kumyk WP in Incubator — this is a much more important issue than the Latin alphabet that none of the Kumyks use. Here is the site of the Kumyk Scientific and Cultural Society in the Kumyk language with a huge number of materials: You will not find any Latin there. Moreover, the Language Committee will receive exactly the same conclusion from any scientist specializing in the Kumyk language. Latin script is a private initiative of a small group of people that has nothing to do with the realities of the literary written Kumyk language.

Wow, two-year request got some traction.

I won't answer to this nonsense, cos Soul_Train is an admin with a lot of bias and rich history of abusing admin-power, where things are against his personal outlook.

But this request isn't getting much of traction anyway. If it becomes necessary we'll do the coding or whatever required ourselves.


Hi, @Arsenekoumyk,

Wow, two-year request got some traction.

But this request isn't getting much of traction anyway. If it becomes necessary we'll do the coding or whatever required ourselves.

I'm sorry this hasn't moved in almost two years; I don't think I can help too much beyond what I've already shared with you. I was never an expert on language converter, and I believe that @cscott and team have been making some big changes, which I have not been following. Maybe someone else can help you figure out how to make things get moving.

hello, @TJones

thanks a lot for the initial help and suggestions!
you certainly contributed much more than 99.9% of those who should be concerned 10k times more :)
and some even deliberately stalled the development of our wikiproject more than a year ago like that one above.

so, there wasn't any reference to you when I wrote about traction.

huge thanks!