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[Needs input] Show the category button on pages without any categories
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The friendly mechanism for adding categories on the mobile site is to tap the categories button and then "add categories." However, the initial categories button is not shown for pages which presently have no category memberships. This behavior doesn't encourage users to add categories to the pages that most need them and should be fixed.

Steps to Reproduce

Create a new page

Expected Results

  • The categories button is shown

localhost_8080_wiki_This_is_a_real_page (1).png (901×579 px, 49 KB)
localhost_8080_wiki_This_is_a_real_page (2).png (901×579 px, 28 KB)

Actual Results

  • The categories button is not shown

localhost_8080_wiki_This_is_a_real_page.png (950×579 px, 43 KB)

Environments Observed

  • Minerva mobile site

Browser Version

  • Chromium 69.0.3497.81

OS Version

  • Ubuntu 18.04

Device Model

  • Desktop

Device Language

  • English

Developer notes

Category adding by people who don't know exactly what they are doing is probably not something we want to encourage and one of the reasons the feature has been in limbo for so long.

Also adding categories is subject to a lag (T163121).

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I don't believe we should be encouraging the adding of categories as I fear it would encourage vandalism.

Adding categories is an advanced editor activity and the primary focus of this overlay is to showcase existing categories. If editors want to add categories they still can via the same mechanism as desktop - adding a link to the bottom of the page.

We should make a decision about this one way or the other during AMC project.

Jdlrobson renamed this task from [Bug] Categories and category add buttons not shown when page has no categories to [Needs input] Show the category button on pages without any categories.Dec 11 2018, 11:16 PM

I agree with this proposal. It would be a lot easier to add categories. On the side note, there should be a way to add and remove categories as well like the HotCat gadget. Currently on mobile interface, there is no way to add and remove categories except using the editor (visual and source). For me it's like a pain to remove categories using the mobile interface. It's like this. Open the editor, find the wikitext that adds a certain category, and then remove it. Too many steps, in my opinion for a lazy person like myself.

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Stalled on T246049

The category overlay will be removed as part of T246049.