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Support any default type of pages in the app
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(I know, that the priority should be set by people working on a task, but I would consider this as a huge problem of the app, so please try to prioritize this task as high as possible :))

Currently, the mobile android app (I assume that the iOS app handles this accordingly) officially supports pages in the main namespace, only. Other pages, like talk pages, category pages and so on, either doesn't work completely (e.g. category pages) or aren't easily reachable for users, who don't prefer an "optimized" version at all (e.g. talk pages or user pages). It's a bit annoying, that the app doesn't support these pages. It would be great to get at least a "working" page at all for any default page type (I call the namespace "type", because the content can be delivered differently, especially if we take a look to category pages compared to other wikitext only pages).

This task should track the work for this and should be a central task where users (any mostly OTRS supporters if we have to answer a request with "currently not possible" ;)) can take a look to see the actual priority for the team and the status of this task. I'll add more specific tasks for namesapces as a subtask of this, too.

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