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Inform the user, when there is a new message on their talk page
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NOTE: Talk page notification types will not be in the initial set of notification types available in V1 release on Android

User story

As an editor on Wikipedia in the app, I want to be notified when someone has given feedback about my edits on my Talk page, so that I can improve my edit or otherwise respond in a timely manner.


Enable users in the app to receive notifications for Talk page messages

Open questions

1. Do we want to show notifications to non-logged in users?
Talk page message are the only type of notification that can be left for non-users. For example

  • 2. If the answer to Q1 is yes, how should IP address talk page notifications be shown in the UI? **

Adding a temporary "Notifications" menu may be peculiar, since multiple users could use the same IP address, and the same user could also change IP addresses depending on where they are when accessing the app.

Original task description

As suggested here (in german @bearND):
the mobile app doesn't have any indication, that someone posted a message on my talk page (e.g. because i made an nonconstructive edit). The App should at least inform the user when the app starts (e.g. with a message box like "Someone left a message on your talk page" with the buttons "Ok", "Show me" (loads Special:MyTalk, even if talk pages looks poorly!)). This should be a highly prioritized task, the community has to block users, if they still do non-constructive edits.

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Any progress here? :)

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In some cases talk page messages are important and even vital to editor engagement, in the event the editor is making problematic edits. For example this editor has been using the mobile app for the last several days, and is not getting notifications about concerns regarding their editing. They were reported for vandalism because of misleading edit summaries (which are likely innocent canned edit summaries). I declined to block as it's not fair given the edits are not especially disruptive, and they very likely have no idea they are being contacted. Not all admins will realize this issue and may assume the editor is intentionally disregarding warnings. It's true we can't revolve mobile app development around admin nescience, but perhaps we could consider the most simplest of a notification that when clicked opens their talk page in the web browser. This would ensure the editor is well-informed and will not be mysteriously blocked after making seemingly innocent improvements.

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that's a nice idea, but is it only for the mobile application (is there really one?) or just an email?

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