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"Right-hand-side" in the message "sf createtemplate infoboxformat" may be wrong in RTL wikis
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The English original of the message "sf createtemplate infoboxformat" refers to the "Right-hand-side", which is likely the "Left-hand-side" in RTL wikis. I suggest to amend it accordingly.

Else, we could open a bug suggesting to make it conditional, i.e. adding a {{#LTR:yes|no}} and/or {{RTL:yes|no}} syntax to messages.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 10:36 PM
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The message documentation was referring to "RTL wikis". We are translating to languages, not to wikis, so I amended the message docmentation to say "for RTL languages". But I believe this is wrong. The message should be different for different _wiki_languages_ (more precisely wiki directionalities that come with language) not for different uselang or user languages. When you switch the user language, the wiki directionality remains unchanged, at least in the few samples I've just investigated such as

It needs to be reassessed and reconfirmed that the message is in the user language but directionality is taken from the wiki language. Thus the message needs at least one parameter which is the wiki directionality, or you must have two different messages.

See also bug 28997 for a possible solution.

Yaron, can you please clarify whether the message will refer to a box that is always on the right, to a box whose location depends on wiki directionality or to a box whose location depends on the interface language?

I don't know the answer to that - the infobox uses the CSS "align: left", so it'll appear however such a thing would appear in MediaWiki with an RTL language.

While changing some other things in the helper forms, I changed the message to just be "Side infobox", which takes care of this problem.