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Keep fallback language behavior for termbox
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Imagine you speak Hungarian, and open the item for "St Jose State University" on mobile. This Item does not have a Hungarian label, so what you see is the English text with the usual fallback label - beneath the "Hungarian" heading.

How the fallback labels look like (as seen on desktop)

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-12 um 11.31.22.png (212×700 px, 31 KB)

Acceptance Criteria

  • If the interface language has fallback entries for some of the displayed terms, show terms in the respective fallback language, each with a fallback language indicator
  • The language that is the fallback is (also) still shown as usual as part of "in more languages" or "all entered languages"
  • Fallbacks should only be shown in the interface language terms, never in "in more languages" or "all entered languages"


  • Fallback language can be different for different term types. Ie. my interface language is de-at, there are not terms in this language, but there a "de" label (would be shown with fallback indicator German), and "en" description (would be shown with the fallback indicator English).
  • The interface language label stays with the language that is the interface language

Currently open questions:

  • Where do fallback questions come from?

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This design would mean that when falling back on a language this language is shown twice on the screen. This seems problematic if you want to edit the Item, as it would be editable at two places on the screen.