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Option in New Pages Feed to 'skip viewed articles'.
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Quoting from the Request:

The NewPagesFeed can get very long and require considerable effort to navigate to point in the queue that is not "newest" or "oldest". I would like an easier way to find unreviewed articles that I haven't seen yet. I often look through large numbers of articles to see if I note something that requires urgent attention. I also skip a lot of articles, especially when there are many on a topic where I would need to re-acquaint myself with subject-specific notability guidelines to review properly.

I would be able to navigate the NewPagesFeed faster if I could skip articles that I have already seen but for some reason decided not to review. That issue is most apparent in the curation toolbar, where the next button may take me to a a page I have already seen, but do not want to review. It can take a very long time to find articles that I am interested in reviewing by clicking next in the Curation Toolbar, and it can cause me to "get stuck" on a group of articles that remain in my queue. I then have to return to the NewPagesFeed, ignore the visited links (using a local CSS) scroll down to where I want to work, and continue with the Curation Toolbar from there. Eventualy, I keep returning to that same group of articles I do not want to review at that time.

I would like to see a new feature that allows me to see only those articles that I haven't seen yet. It does not require a change in the curation toolbar interface: clicking next always means skip this article; if I just reviewed it, it is also not shown to me again. The UI change that is required is an option box in the NewPagesFeed that lets me ignore those articles where I have clicked the next button. Call that "hide viewed" or "only show unseen" or something similar.

It would make my reviewing more efficient by facilitating a quick scan of unreviewed pages I have not seen yet, and selection of the ones I think need the most urgent attention. --Vexations

I also think this would be a desirable feature for both NPP and for AfC. -Insertcleverphrasehere

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Moving this to 'Triaged but future' because many Page Curation tasks are currently part of the 2019 Wishlist Survey

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It's not something I would use. I don't believe it to be a high priority requirement and the move of this task to 'Triaged but future' seems appropriate. Other Page Curation tasks are far more urgent.

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