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Build user data backup service based on remote sync rather than NFS
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Cloud Services has long recommended that "critical" data be backed up outside of the Cloud VPS/Toolforge environment by project admins/tool maintainers. This is a burden on our volunteers in that it requires them to make decisions about technology, location, etc as well as finding a method to fund this archival storage. Providing automatic full and incremental backups of all content with a self-service recovery interface would be ideal, but currently is outside of both the hardware and human capacity of the cloud-services-team. We can do something better than nothing in this area however.

We would like to provide a system with the following characteristics:

  • quota limited, multi-tenant storage
  • on-site and off-site mirroring of archived data
  • self-service (or very low friction) opt-in for usage
  • end-user interface via ssh and possibly rsync protocols
  • inspired flexibility for users
  • How-to/tutorial documentation for basic usage

Additional storage capacity for a less ambitious backup service was added during the FY18/19 planning cycle. The cloudstore100[89] pair have disk capacity to provide the on-site storage and cloudbackup200[12] will provide space for off-site redundancy.

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