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Article count of sl.wikiquote behaves strangely
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Article count of sl.wikiquote behaves strangely.

Relevant chronology

June 12 20142500 articles
March 28 2015I have linked about 730 articles to Wikidata items. The article count suddenly shows 1870.
November 8 20152000 articles
May 18 20172100 articles
March 27 20182200 articles
November 20 2018One bot added an Infobox Person to 1857 articles. Before that the article count has been at cca 2260.
December 2 2018The user that operates the bot has added an Infobox Person to additional 90 articles, created new Wikidata items for them and added links. The article count suddenly shows 2796 articles. Besides, from November 20 to December 2 only 8 new articles has been created. Asking him what does he think about that, he speculates if some articles are counted twice.

Event Timeline

What do you think the count should be?

MW requires a page to have a link to be counted as an article

Do also note, a script is run at least monthly to recalculate the number of articles, so there can be weird jumps occasionally depending on changes done to a page

Aha, a link is needed. There indeed are some articles without any link (example).

@Janezdrilc: Does that mean that this page is invalid, as the software behaves as documented?

Still not sure ...

Links definitely seem to be a problem. There had been few hundred articles without any link. Adding Infobox Person which consists of internal and external links has made many of them to be recognized for the first time. But, some infoboxes include just external links, so I saved an internal one into the infobox template (just for test). Surprisingly, article count was unchanged. At least this article should make a change in number since his only internal link is a "testing link" of the infobox.

There are still about 160 "empty" articles waiting for linking (Special:DeadendPages). Adding links to 3 of them has made article count immediately updating the number. That works as expected.