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Transclusion limit is exceed in Arabic Wikipedia
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First of all, please take a look on this article باراك أوباما (Barack Obama) in Arabic Wikipedia.

In the last two sections named:

  • (مراجع) = (references)
  • (وصلات خارجية) = (External links)

you'll found that all templates appear as a links due to exceed the transclusion limit in arwiki.

We are facing this problem in many arwiki articles (another example. I can mention another examples).

So, can you raise the transclusion limit in arwiki?

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Same as T158242 hence proposing to decline.

As far as I know there is no setting that allows raising that limit per wiki, hence removing Wikimedia-Site-requests

Hello again. Sorry for reopen the task.

Just a simple question. This article in arwiki has the same problem:تركيا

But when you try to open it via RestAPI service, the problem disappears!.

The second URL produce exactly the normal content, except a few CSS & JS customization, and if we make some customization to the output, it will be exactly the same natural content, except the problem disappears!. Also the second URL loads very fast. But the first URL takes about 15 seconds to load.

What I mean, if you looked to the result of the second URL, you will see that it's exactly the natural content. And all Transclusion templates appears successfully. I mean that if the API successfully load the HTML without any problem, then the problem must be somewhere else when loading the page. Am I right?

I get to this point, when I tried to browse the previous page naturally, but I find that the templates in the bottom of the page are not shown. But when I tried to [edit] the page via VE, the whole templates show up. Because the VE loads the html content via RestAPI. Can we use this API to load these kind of pages to solve the whole problem?

Closing this task again as per T212907#4884353 which still stands

@Aklapper Can @ASammour open a new ticket about his comment?

Hope if @Reedy, @Bawolff and @Nemo_bis Can take a look on ASammour comment?

Sounds more like a question for (or such) than a ticket? (What would be requested in that ticket?)

There is a setting for that, we're just not going to change it because it's intended to protect against page parsing being too slow. If your wiki is systematically exceeding this limit, the problem is with your wiki's templates, not the limit. I'd recommend you to reduce the templates and port some of them to Lua modules.