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CX2: Should not add <nowiki> </nowiki> at the beginning of image descriptions inside a gallery tag
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CX2 should not add unnecessary "<nowiki> </nowiki>" at the beginning of image descriptions inside a gallery tag, especially when there's nothing to suggest such thing in the original article

For example on frwiki "Anna Risi": original translation

<gallery perrow="2" caption="Porträts der Anna Risi von Frederic Leighton">
Fichier:A Roman Lady La Nanna 1858-9 80x52cm (1).jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>"Une dame romaine - La Nanna" de Frederic Leighton 1858 ( [[Philadelphia Museum of Art|Musée d'art de Philadelphie]] ) 
Fichier:Frederic Leighton - Pavonia.jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>"Pavonia" de Frédéric Leighton 1858/1859 
</gallery><gallery perrow="5" caption="Porträts der Anna Risi von Anselm Feuerbach">
Fichier:Feuerbach Iphigenie1.jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>1862 comme Iphigenie ( [[Staatsgalerie Stuttgart]] ) 
Fichier:Feuerbach Nerina.jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>1861 ( [[Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin|ancienne galerie nationale de Berlin]] ) 
Fichier:Feuerbach Nanna.jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>vers 1861 ( [[Von der Heydt-Museum]] Wuppertal) 
Fichier:Feuerbach Mirjam 2.jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>1862 comme Mirjam (vieille galerie nationale de Berlin) 
Fichier:Anselm Feuerbach - Nanna - WGA07871.jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>vers 1861 ( [[Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud|Wallraf-Richartz-Museum Cologne]] ) 
Fichier:Anselm Feuerbach - Nanna - WGA07872.jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>vers 1861 (Neue Pinakothek Munich) 
Fichier:Bianca cappello feuerbach.jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>comme Bianca Cappello 1868 ( [[Hamburger Kunsthalle]] ) 
Fichier:Anselm Feuerbach 006.jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>(Staatsgalerie Stuttgart) 

while the original article is clean

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Pginer-WMF triaged this task as Medium priority.Jan 24 2019, 5:17 PM
Pginer-WMF moved this task from Needs Triage to CX2 on the ContentTranslation board.

Still happening, will anyone look into this ? It has been reported for more than 8 months, and CX2 is still regularly producing incorrect syntax on many articles...

I've just reproduced this by translating the article GAZelle from English to Hebrew:

The English wikitext was:

<gallery class="center">
File:Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2013 (502-4).jpg|GAZelle Next ambulance
File:GAZel 2705 school bus.jpg|GAZelle 2705 school bus
File:Gaz-Gazel-Taxi-322133-1.jpg|A white GAZ-322133 GAZelle taxi minibus

The generated Hebrew wikitext was:

<gallery class="center">
קובץ:Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2013 (502-4).jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>GAZelle אמבולנס הבא 
קובץ:GAZel 2705 school bus.jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>אוטובוס בית ספר של GAZelle 2705 
קובץ:Gaz-Gazel-Taxi-322133-1.jpg|<nowiki> </nowiki>מיניבוס מונית לבן GAZ-322133 

In the source wikitext, there is no space after the | character, and the caption begins immediately. In the output, <nowiki> </nowiki> was added after the |, and it's unnecessary.

I had Google Translate enabled, and I didn't make any manual edits in the gallery.