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Define moderation actions
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For AMC (T210660), we would like to look at the rate of moderation actions on mobile web coming from AMC mode (and the overall rate). We will be looking for a 10% increase

Acceptance criteria

  • Define the list of moderation actions necessary for analysis


Final list:

NB: We did not include patrolling actions so far, although this might change later.

Event Timeline

ovasileva triaged this task as Medium priority.Jan 10 2019, 5:32 PM
ovasileva created this task.
Tbayer changed the edit policy from "Custom Policy" to "All Users".

@ovasileva to do an overview of current state on mobile

  • reverts/undo/rollback
    • How do we detect this? Undo has edit tag, so not a problem. Revert/rollback - there's a tool to do this, we can probably cover this as well.
  • reviewing new pages
    • Logbooks - there's at least some that have these tags show up,
  • blocking
  • unblocking
  • deleting
    • admins only
    • speedy deletion of vandalism good use case for mobile
  • protecting pages
  • moving pages
  • file uploads?
    • no
  • thanks?
    • let's keep this
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Final list in the task description

Marked the list as final in the task description, and added some more detail from the recent investigations in e.g. T215597. I also clarified for pending changes that we should not count automatic approvals of pending edits, only manual ones.