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Modernize the rendered HTML of the hieroglyphs
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  • It uses image, fonts would be better, but not sure if unicode support is at the level of glyphs yet that we support
  • Output has hardcoded inline styling in the form of 1px margin on the images. <img style="margin: 1px;" src="/extensions/wikihiero/img/hiero_D3.png?ee3b9" height="20" title="D3" alt="D3"/> which should be moved into the stylesheet
  • The image quality is no longer of modern standards. See T214232: The hieroglyph images should be replaced with SVG versions or unicode font
  • The rendering relies on tables. Nested tables. Each block is a table mw-hiero-outer and each group of glyphs is another table mw-hiero-table.
  • Line breaks cause an extra mw-hiero-table in the outer table
  • All mw-hiero-table seem to use 1 single td cell within the mw-hiero-outer. This is WEIRD and probably indicates the outer table html can be severely reworked to no longer be needed.
  • Within a group, there can be multiple cells (words). Cells can have multiple glyphs and linebreaks <br> are used for super and juxtapositioning of characters...
  • Space is a table cell with another mw-hiero-table table inside it, that has a fixed width of 22px. AAAAAAAAAA
<td><table class="mw-hiero-table" style="width: 22px;"><tbody><tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr></tbody></table></td>