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Revaluate the mobile tagline descriptions for Wikipedia projects
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In the beginning of articles in mobile version there is a short description describing what is the article about (also known as description tagline).
The description is usually taken from Wikidata description, and is quite useful to provide context and short summary for example in search.
However this description is somewhat duplicative to the leading paragraph - and it isn't clear that it make sense to place it in the beginning of articles in Wikipedia (it may make sense to use it in Commons, Wikiquote or other wikiprojects).

(There is a discussion in hewiki village pump - but this isn't a specific to that wiki and relevant to all wikipedias)

As it doesn't appear in enwiki (example: doesnt show: "Hungarian swimmer"; see also: T161805)

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@ovasileva can you please update here:

  1. What is the justification for having descriptions (at tagline) in Wikipedia articles? (aren't they duplicative to the leading paragraph)
  2. What are the next steps here - Would you like to get community feedback from ambassadors mailing list? assign UI designer for it?

Hi @eranroz - you can see our project documentation on wikidata description tagging on the following page: They are designed to give a quick overview of the subject without requiring the reader to go through the entirety of the first paragraph - this can be useful for purposes of disambiguation as well as to give context to more complex articles. I'd like to note that during the development and release process of the feature we had a couple of feedback rounds with communities. Based on the feedback, we excluded some communities (ruwiki and frwiki) from the rollout. What was the conclusion of the conversation on hewiki?

Based on the feedback, we excluded some communities (ruwiki and frwiki) from the rollout.

Only ruwiki and enwiki are excluded.
For enwiki - based on T161805 I understand this was intended to be temporally. IDK about the status for ruwiki.

What was the conclusion of the conversation on hewiki?

I don't think there was objection or support for tagline in hewiki. I know how to change it in hewiki (e.g to open discussion in hewiki, and if there is a consensus to change wmf-config open patch request for operations/mediawiki-config) but I would love to see it similar across all projects - I don't think this should be differ between projects.
I heard there is objection for this feature because it is duplicative to first paragraph - and I don't have good arguments to explain community why it isn't duplicative.
Mobile is moving the infoboxes after the first paragraph (example), so anyway they are visible in the beginning of the article - not sure if this was the case when this feature was introduced (at least based on the screenshots in ) so I think this should be re-evaluated. I don't think both swapping the infobox and the first paragraph order and enabling tagline should live together.