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Complete manual rounds of unpublished draft purge script until the backlog is clean
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As part of the efforts to remove very old drafts from the CX database (T183890), manual runs of the script created in T189087 are needed.

We want to run multiple iterations of the manual script until we clean the backog, in order to automate the process next (T189091).

Considering that every week, ~1000 drafts are created we need to make sure that the manual iterations are frequent enough to effectively reduce the backlog.

Event Timeline

With removal of drafts older than 420 days (1 year + 2 months) aim, we have 57973 unpublished drafts to purge. With approx 3000 drafts are purged in one run, we need 19 such runs. We can do 3 to 4 runs per week and it would take approx 5 weeks to purge all drafts.

I'll be weekly task to finish remaining script runs. Scheduled 3 runs this week (Tue, Wed, Thu) and we will adjust runs from next week. I'll update my analysis every week here once draft purge run is over.