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WMHack19 Focus Area: New editor experiences
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This task is for tracking and planning for the New editor experiences focus area for the Wikimedia Hackathon 2019.

Please comment in this task if you have ideas or are already planning to do some work in this area!


New editor experiences | All new Wikipedia editors must learn the technical side of MediaWiki environment, which has over years become more complex and sometimes less intuitive. Findings in this field were recently summarized in New Editor Experiences reports (and taken over by the Growth team). Some are of technical nature and could inspire participants of this year's hackathon to improve the technical environment used by thousands of editors worldwide.

The WMF Growth team has been working on these problems over the last year. Most of the Growth team will be at the Hackathon and we are excited to work with long-time and first-time contributors on New editor experiences tasks. If you're interested in this area of work please check out:

  1. Understanding First Day project and research findings
  2. Welcome Survey project and research findings
  3. New Editor Experiences research project

There will be a workshop on project ideas for new editor experiences (T220123: Workshop on project ideas for new editors experiences) and there are numerous related tasks (some small, some medium sized) that could be worked on at the Hackathon.

Event Timeline

Rfarrand created this task.

Would anyone like to very briefly (60-90 seconds) present during the hackathon opening around plans this focus area?
If yes, please comment with the person's name and the focus area title here:
In order to make it accessible to all participants, assume your audience knows nothing about your project, your focus area, or wikimedia community/foundation structure and roles.

@Rfarrand -- I commented on T216259 with names of four of us who can represent this focus area during the opening.

@Rfarrand: Anything left to do / follow up (in separate tasks?) in this Prague Hackathon task, or can this be resolved?