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Complete support of Lexemes in QuickStatements
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QuickStatements is partially supporting Lexemes since October 2018 (see announcement). Now we're moving forward with organizations who would like to import data, it would be very helpful to have the full feature ready for big imports.

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@Magnus is there anything that is missing from the Wikidata side (API, etc.) to complete the work? Any support you may need from us or volunteers in order to get this done? :)

A new wish for a full support of Lexemes on QS was mentioned here :)

The patch that resulted in the current support is surprisingly small:

This makes me think that it is a relatively small task to support Lexeme creation?
I have some JS and Guile experience but my python knowledge is very limited so I guess I'm not the best suited for the task, but it would be really nice if somebody would get it done.

Also the WD API seems to support glosses fine because it is what powers MachtSinn that saves glosses using this code

It uses LexData written in python by the same author, found here:

LexData supports lexeme creation as well as glosses, forms and grammatical forms. That means it support all important features of lexemes! Hooray! :)

I recommend adding LexData to QS as it is well written and works in MachtSinn without problems. Anyone up for the task?