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Update link colors on iOS for improved UX and consistency
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Why are we doing this?

Currently we do not support a visited link color on iOS, so this is a proposal to add a visited link color to the app and to use the color scheme defined by web.

Proposed colors

ThemeLink typeHEX valueContrast ratio against PaperWCAG compliance level
DefaultBlue link#3366cc5.37AA
DefaultVisited link#6b4ba16.67AA
BlackBlue link#6699FF7.57AAA
BlackVisited link#c180bb7.07AAA
DarkBlue link#6699FF4.84AA
DarkVisited link#c180bb3.52AA
SepiaBlue link#3366cc5AA
SepiaVisited link#6b4ba16.21AA


Copy of ticket from Web


We can improve the readability of our content in Vector by updating our colors used for links and visited links to ones that are more distinguishable (i.e. further apart) from the color we use for black text (#222222). The determination of how close/far apart two colors are can be made by measuring the Delta E value between the two colors, and the contrast radio between the two colors. The table below suggests two colors that perform better than our current colors. These colors are also currently being used in Minerva (see T204081), and are part of the Wikimedia Style Guide, so there is a win for consistency as well.

colorstatushex value∆Econtrast ratio
:visited linkcurrent#0b008028.731.00
:visited linkproposed#6b4ba131.142.38


We update the link color to #3366cc
We update the :visited link color to #6b4ba1


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@alexhollender I added a visited link color for Dark + Black themes to this ticket (Sepia will utilize the same color as Default).
This purple (#c180bb) is already used in the app for syntax highlighting, so if possible I'd like to utilize this color again here.