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Point Extension:Sentry to EventGate (beta)
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I just glanced at this quickly and it seems to me we should use the new client from the start, because it solves some problems that make the original code complicated. And I feel like it's a better test. @Tgr, let me know if you disagree.

Well, the original code already worked around those problems so it depends on how much time you want to spend on this. If you want to use the old code and just point it to EventGate, that's a one-liner (assuming there is a one-liner for sending something to EventGate - Sentry's default mechanism puts the whole JSON into a GET parameter, which is problematic in many ways, so you probably don't want to use that). If you do have the time to upgrade the client, that would certainly be nice.

As far as I understand, our experiments with Extension:Sentry were replaced by the Client errors data pipeline.