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Improve error handling and instrumentation logging for blocked users
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If a blocked user will attempt to add a question, he will get a nothing-telling message, see screenshot:

I think help panel should not offer a way to write a message/do anything that leads to an edit if an user is blocked. I think the help panel should either be not displayed at all, or offer only the "self-help" section.

Originally reported in T222014#5147163, @kostajh told me to create a new task, so here it goes.

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Okay, adding manually. Shouldn't a Herald rule do that? :-)

Relevant to help panel codebase too - actually, relevant to the whole extension.

Thx, @Urbanecm - I re-checked the messages that handle the messages from blocked users making edits on pages:

  • first, there will be a specific message as soon as Edit is clicked:

  • then, upon attempting to save an edit, the message will be:

T218839 is also related, and is being worked on, so I'm going to move this into our current sprint.

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Unassigning myself for now but plan to come back to this early next week -- if someone else wants to get to it before then, please do.

Business rules need to be copied over from T218839 description plus comments.

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Moving off sprint board in favor of Newcomer Tasks V1.0 tasks.

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