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Third-party MediaWiki user meet-up at 2019 Wikimedia Hackathon
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Meet the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group and discuss the issues of MediaWiki maintainers.

AgendaItem "Address aspects regarding SMWCon_Fall_2019" (suggested by Lex)

  • Look at a suggestion for a broad program structure and the topical modules (I like to suggest to use this "scaffolding".)

Time & place: Saturday 12h, Computer room 2

Event Timeline

Tgr claimed this task.

The session happened. Lex presented the SMWCon plans and led a related but more general dicussion of MediaWiki outreach / evangelism / marketing, I mentioned T223420: WMHack19: extension documentation and the product & technology movement strategy discussion.

These were part of my notes that I made for myself, during the meetup:

Someone (?!?) needs to compile AND MAINTAIN a better list of 3rd party users. We keep using "The NASA wiki" as the standard great example, in presentations and discussions, but we need more prominent and impressive and public use-cases. So many of the big ones are hidden in government or corporate intranets.

Answer: Email your examples to User:LexSMW who is compiling these.

Plus a bunch of related links I found in some searches:
(and older links)

See also

Would it be worth adding a good-for-use-in-presentations (or something) website tag to WikiApiary, similar to being tagged "semantic mediawiki of the month"? e.g.[Tag]=semantic%20mediawiki%20wiki%20of%20the%20month&wpRunQuery=true