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Request access to deployment cluster for Alaa Sarhan
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I am from Wikidata team and would like to get access to deployment cluster in order to be able to do the following:

  • SWAT deploy

My ldap username: "alaasarhan"

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@alaa_wmde this requires explicit approval here on task from your manager at WMDE and from @greg from the Release Engineering team.
It also requires that you read, comprehend and sign the Acknowledgement of Wikimedia Server Access Responsibilities document.

hi! I am @alaa_wmde's manager at WMDE and hereby I approve that Alaa gets the access needed

alaa_wmde added a comment.EditedMay 27 2019, 9:11 AM

Thanks @Volans I've fully and carefully read the Server Access Responsibilities document, and signed it. I believe we are awaiting @greg's approval now.

jbond added a subscriber: jbond.Jun 24 2019, 5:41 PM

@greg are you able to approve this request?

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greg added a comment.Jul 2 2019, 3:06 PM

@greg are you able to approve this request?

Approved. (sorry for the delay!)

@alaa_wmde : Please generate a separate SSH key for the access to the Wikimedia production cluster (it needs to be separate from your SSH key used for Cloud VPS/Toolforge if you use that). You can find some instructions here:

When done, please send us the public key and we'll enable your access.

thanks @greg, @MoritzMuehlenhoff and @akosiaris (and @Tarrow for the ping)

Here's my public key

1ssh-rsa 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 alaasarhan@alsa

Change 523937 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alexandros Kosiaris; owner: Alexandros Kosiaris):
[operations/puppet@production] Add user alaasarhan

Change 523937 merged by Alexandros Kosiaris:
[operations/puppet@production] Add user alaasarhan

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User has been added to the cluster. Resolving, feel free to reopen