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Watchlist "Grouping"
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Author: mjquinn1965

I wish the Watchlist could be grouped. It would be nice if I could see the last 1000 changes in XXX category; or pages related to XXX Wikiproject. Maybe a dropdown; or an optional box that contains links to a set of categories or projects (either that the user has added; or automatically added, then edited (like editing the current watchlist).

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JPMcGrath wrote:

I would find this very useful. I find that automatically added watches from minor edits and vandalism patrolling get mixed in with the pages I *really* want to watch, and cleaning them out takes time. If I had just 2 watchlists - one for the new pages added and one for the *permanent* list, it would be a big improvement, although having more lists would be even more useful.

rd232 wrote:

Isn't this essentially the same as Bug 5875 - "Group similar pages in watchlist"? Some of it is also done by Special:RelatedChanges, by using "Show changes to pages linked to the given page instead" on a Category.

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Seems this code was abandoned since the Gsoc project in 2012. Will it be taken from here by any developer, or this project will die? it is probably going to be hard to rebase or might not be acceptable anymore.

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Watchlist grouping