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Maplink (via Wikidata) shows only empty window without map on all wikipedias
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Latin Wikipedia, which has JsonConfig and Kartographer extensions loaded, uses a maplink via Wikidata in two templates, and As an example, the page has both templates. The coordinates are taken from Wikidata, and clicking on the coordinates should call Maplink and provide the external map services.

The actual result is to bring up an almost-empty window with a functionless map pin in the centre. Evidently the window should be filled with a Wikimedia map: problem 1, it isn't.

But at least, at bottom right, there is a link "External maps". Clicking it, you get a short list of map services, which can be expanded to a longer list, and the user can click any of them. Problem 2: some of those maps work, some of them don't. Examples: in the short list, Open Street Map does not work; in the longer list, ACME Mapper and several others do not work. But (using same examples) if you click the GeoHack link, and then choose ACME Mapper or Open Street Map from GeoHack, they work fine.

This is not a problem with the the Vicipaedia templates -- otherwise no maps would appear -- nor is it a browser problem: the same result is seen on PC, iPad, Android tablet, Smartphone. The problem seems to be with the Kartographer extension or its links to the map services.

The first priority would be to have a map appear, instead of a blank window, when first clicking on the coordinates. The second priority would be to make the other maplinks work. Thank you!

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Aklapper renamed this task from Maplink (via Wikidata) only half functional to Maplink (via Wikidata) shows only empty window without map on la.wikipedia.Jun 8 2019, 1:19 PM

For the records, external link to has an NaN; external link to OSM only shows a map after manually adding a proper zoom URL parameter. Looks like that's related.

This appears to be be because maplink element currently expects latitude and longitude attributes to be used with zoom attribute, but Wikibase in GlobeCoordinateInlineWikitextKartographerFormatter.php provides latitude and longitude value for maplink without zoom value.

For instance, <maplink zoom="13" latitude="37.8103" longitude="22.3995" /> currently produces a link that leads to full screen map, while <maplink latitude="37.8103" longitude="22.3995" /> leads to blank map area.

UV renamed this task from Maplink (via Wikidata) shows only empty window without map on la.wikipedia to Maplink (via Wikidata) shows only empty window without map on all wikipedias.Feb 9 2020, 10:51 PM

Updating the title of this bug: This affects not only one wikipedia, but all wikipedias, see e. g.

Ha ! That might change its position on the to-do list!


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