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Create form for India in dlocal using new required fields
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We might not have all the payment methods clearly listed yet. Setup what we know so far. @Ejegg has the configuration info for this.

from pats:

Mandatory info from users
• Name
• PAN (Permanent Account Number) (Tax ID)
• Address
• City
(Just like for LATAM, we need to request this info on ur own payment pages and pass it over to Dlocal)

Mandatory for merchant
• Add checkbox for users to agree to Terms.
It needs to be on Wikimedia's page where the user selects the payment method. It is the last page before the user is redirected to dLocal (donor inputs their UPI VPA in a second page on our flow, so needs to be there)

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UPDATE ON India TOS: Dlocal’s Legal team approved my mockup for the TOS placement just as a link in the Legal disclosure under the banner. No need for an opt-in box. See the addition of the India TOS in yellow.

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