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Develop workshop toolkits for small wiki technical contributors
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This task is about developing workshop toolkits for technical contributors of small wikis, specifically for Wikimania-Hackathon-2019 focus area T221394 and beyond!



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Update on this task >

@Bmueller @Aklapper @Quiddity Your input needed on what more can we do for documentation and promotion of toolkits. Some ideas:

  • Encourage the use the toolkit template.
  • Get the source (Google Slides) and PDF (with trainer notes via Google Drive or Commons) of a toolkit linked from Github repository.
  • Encourage the trainer to upload the slides with notes on Wikimedia Commons. In the File Description, also add a link to the PDF source.
  • There be a “Small wiki toolkits” page on Meta in the near future.
  • Encourage folks planning on running a workshop at Wikimania to follow these guidelines around documenting toolkits.

Your thoughts?