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New Page/Articles for Creation Filters box not accessible
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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Using Chrome (and perhaps other browsers but definitely Chrome) go to
  2. At several combinations of resolution and zoom (e.g. 125% zoom at 1440 x 900) click on set filters

Expected outcome:
Can scroll to see all available filters and the green set filters button

Actual outcome
Set filters box drops behind the bar at the bottom (showing count of unreviewed pages and the set filter button) making it impossible to use

See also discussion at:'t_change_settings

@Niharika is this something which your team might be able to include in their scope?

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@Barkeep49: Assuming this task is about PageCuration hence adding project tag so others can find this task under that project.

@Barkeep49 Can you tell me some more about the conditions it occurs in, specifically about the zoom and resolution?
I am leaning towards de-prioritizing this in favor of the tickets we have from the wishlist unless it is very urgent.

I don't have more info for you beyond that and so I would understand prioritizing other things. @Diannaa as the one who raised the issue, thoughts?

I am unable to scroll down on the "set filters" menu to the point where I am actually able to activate my selections unless I shrink the screen down to 80%. The green box to save my changes disappears behind the banner at the bottom of the page. My normal usual setting is 110% zoom. I am using Chrome browser on an Acer Chromebook 11. It's not urgent, because I am not frequently participating in the new pages patrol right now.

Thanks for the additional info, @Diannaa. If you can also test if it also happens on Firefox that would help in narrowing down the problem.
In either case, I am letting this be for now.

I don't have Firefox installed so I won't be testing it for you. Thanks

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Growth-Team is unable to work on this in the short-to-medium term.