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Fix "Must provide the 'topic' parameter" in ORES /precache endpoint
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As part of T211248: Modern Event Platform: Stream Intake Service: Migrate eventlogging-service-eventbus events to eventgate-main, we migrated revision-create to a slightly modified format We no longer user meta.topic, but instead, use a more generic This broke the change-prop requests to ORES /precache with ORES returning a 400 error: "Must provide the 'topic' parameter".

Petr has deployed a temporary workaround in change-prop to keep things working.

ORES should do one of the following

  • not use meta.topic (is it needed there for /precache?)
  • switch to using
    • and/or make the stream field configurable, e.g. stream_field and set it to

Once this is done Petr can remove his temporary workaround.

Event Timeline

Is there documentation for Should we expect the same data in a different field?

I'm not sure about the doc, @Ottomata might know more, but yes, the only change is .meta.topic renamed to, the value would be the same.

It looks like we are using "meta.topic" here:

The only difference I see is that meta.topic included the datacenter and meta.schema is just a raw schema name (which is way easier to work with). If that's right, then this PR should be good:

Great! I left a comment there. It is '' not meta. schema. The [[ | schema uri now lives at $schema top level. ]]

Thanks! Was working too fast. I think I've got your changes. Please take another look :)

This change has been deployed. Should be good to remove the work-around.