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What are your experiences with templates?
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Do you use templates?
Do you deliberately avoid them?
Or do you even build templates yourself?

The Technical Wishes team wants to make working with templates easier. So we want to talk to you! No expertise needed.

Please come by and say hi!

How to find us?

  • Send a message to @Johanna Strodt on Telegram
  • or write an email to
  • or talk to us when you see us

Looking forward,
Johanna, Hanna, Raja, Tonina and Adam


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You might be interested on this project. T221211

@diego Thanks a lot! Are you also at the hackathon and are you up for an interview?

Hi, this open task is tagged only with Wikimania-Hackathon-2019 which is in the past.
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Thank you for helping clean up a bit! :)

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This was about a session at the Hackathon in 2019.