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Localise Gadget aliases for nqo
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The following strings need to be localised:

/** English (English) */
$specialPageAliases['en'] = [
	'Gadgets' => [ 'Gadgets' ],
	'GadgetUsage' => [ 'GadgetUsage' ],
$namespaceNames['en'] = [
	NS_GADGET => 'Gadget',
	NS_GADGET_TALK => 'Gadget_talk',
	NS_GADGET_DEFINITION => 'Gadget_definition',
	NS_GADGET_DEFINITION_TALK => 'Gadget_definition_talk',

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So what are the translations? Shall this perhaps be marked as stalled until some are provided?

Aklapper changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jan 24 2021, 12:17 PM

This task is not actionable without any translations to put in place, indeed.

See for potential people to contact (not sure there is some "group" way to contact folks)?

FWIW the strings to translate are in the Task description. In case it's not clear for translators, these are the strings to translate: Gadgets, GadgetUsage, Gadget, Gadget_talk, Gadget_definition and Gadget_definition_talk.

@MarcoAurelio: That's clear, but there are no translations provided. (I hope we don't want to create tasks for every non-translated string out there. :) )

This task is not actionable. Please feel free to reopen once it is (means: when there are known translations available, which someone could add).