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Investigate effect of micro-contributions and campaigns on active editors
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We're interested in understanding what the effect of micro-contributions, meaning description edits on Wikidata and caption/depict edits on Commons, is on the measurement of active editors for Q4 FY18/19.

Questions we're looking to answer:

  1. Is the YoY difference (and relative difference) in number of active editors (both new and returning) for Commons and Wikidata similar to the overall YoY difference (and relative difference) for May and June 2019?
  2. If the answer to Q1 is that the difference is larger, then we want to know to what extent this is related to SDC and micro-contributions.
    • Sub-point: SDC might lead to increases in edits to new items due to how that it structured, which can affect our measurement because the threshold is five edits.

Code for this analysis is in this GitHub repository.

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Morten did a walkthru of the analysis with Maya and Connie on Friday, 8/16.

We walked through this analysis again on 19 Aug, and for Wikidata focused on the proportion of contributors who only make micro-contributions (defined as mobile app edits, in this case). The development of that proportion from the introduction of these types of contributions in January 2017 is shown in the graph below. For May and June 2019, the proportion is 4.5%.

Proposed visualization of number of active editors on Commons for April, May, and June 2019 split by type of contributions they make (where categories are disjoint), in order to show how micro-contributions and WLE relate to the statistic: