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Create new ooui-ish vuejs component library repository and share first component
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Create a new repository to share components between projects. Setup some CI that includes automatic unit testing and linting. Setup deployment to NPM. We should also include a first component to show that the setup works.

ResizingTextField is a low-level component that is both used in Termbox for, for example, the Label input field and in data bridge for the string input field. It is suitable as a first component for the new repository as it is a very simple component with a stable API that can be expected to scale well.

See ResizingTextField in Databridge and TermTextField in Termbox

Acceptance criteria

  • A new repository exists
  • It has CI set up for automatic unit testing and linting
  • It has the ResizingTextField as a first component and it passes tests and linting
  • It has been deployed to NPM and the deployment process is documented