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Create project Wiktionary-fr
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Our community at fr.wiktionary (Wiktionnaire) would like to be able to use Phabricator (and its workboard) to organize our in-wiki technical developments, e.g. create/update templates and modules. The tasks would be aimed exclusively at the French Wiktionary and so would be written in French for accessibility to our contributors.

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If T91286#1893875 is still valid, the project would have to be named #French-Wiktionary and later aliases could be set. With the existance of subprojects and milestones, wouldn't it be better, however to have French-SitesFrench-Wiktionary ?

I don't have a strong opinion on this matter, if only that "French_Wiktionary" may seem too English-centric and not necessarily welcoming for non-English speaking people, who are the target of the project. But if there is a convention to follow for this as you've pointed out, then we need to follow it.

Same subject indeed. I looked for dupes given that I though I saw this request before, but it looks I'll have to refine searches for the next time.

The subject is actually not the same: the task T101948 relates to tasks related to the French Wiktionary but that require an external work (i.e. technical changes to Mediawiki). The target of the tasks are Wikimedia developers/maintainers/admins. The corresponding task request to ask for a tag is correct.

This requested project is to organize technical wiki activities within the French Wiktionary community: the target of the tasks are French speaking contributors to fr.wiktionary. In this case we need a project, with a workboard, so a tag is not enough.

I'm reopening this task per the above comment: this is not a duplicate of T101948 .

The current requested project is to be used by the French Wiktionary Community: in French, by and for the contributors to tackle.
This is completely different from a tag for tasks related to Wiktionary in some way, but which target are Wikimedia developers or admins.

I hope I don't appear to be too forceful here, but this project would be really helpful for our community.

We are not going to have two different project tags for French Wiktionary that nobody will be able to distinguish...
There can be a project tag and it can be used by both the community and developers and admins.