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Document Wikibase Usage Aspects
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@Ladsgroup and @GoranSMilovanovic will develop a concise documentation page going into some more detail on usage aspects in the Wikibase wbc_entity_usage schema:

Specifically, the details will be provided on:

  • the structure of C aspect records;
  • the way L and D aspects are recorded in respect to the operation of the language fallback mechanism;
  • the exact difference between the S and T records;
  • the contexts in which O is recorded.

The existing documentation from the above mentioned locations, plus the new details are provided in the new central Usage Tracking documentation:

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Ping @GoranSMilovanovic

How do the documentation pages linked above look to you?
Clear enough or still needing a bit more?
THis ticket will wait in this verification column until we hear something else :)

Adding the new documentation location to the task description ,as it might not be clear what's going on without parsing all the comments.

Been sat in verification for quite a while.
Feel free to re open if something is missing..