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Make sure CPT patches in Gerrit not linked to a Phab task are looked at
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Please close this task as invalid if I misunderstand / misremember:

IIUC, WMF CPT's Gerrit workflow is based on Phabricator tasks. IIUC, a patch in Gerrit might not get attention if it is not linked to a Phab task.

If my understanding is correct:
What is the approach to make sure patches without a link to a Phab task do not get ignored?
(Do you plan to write some bot in Gerrit to add a comment in Gerrit that patches must always link to a Phab task or such?)

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Aklapper created this task.Nov 29 2019, 6:48 PM

There is a commit message validator tool, it maybe set up with an option that a bug required and than run by jenkins

I have no idea if that tool can do that right now, but it could be an option instead of a bot.

Pinging @WDoranWMF and @CCicalese_WMF, who seem most likely to know how to answer this.

WDoranWMF moved this task from Inbox to Tracking/Watching on the Core Platform Team board.