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Allow excluding bot responses (e.g. jenkins-bot V+2) when calculating time to first review for Gerrit patches
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In a recent discussion about developer productivity metrics, we looked at the gerrit_main_numbers visualization on the Gerrit Timing dashboard (same on Gerrit Overview), which displays the field time_to_first_review labeled "Median Time First Review (Days)".
We were surprised about the good values.
We wondered if it might measure how fast our CI is instead of the actual median time of a first human review. Looking at get_time_first_review and get_time_first_review_patchset in grimoire_elk/enriched/ does not exclude bots.

Then we found that the value reviewer_bot exists (defined as ./grimoirelab-elk/schema/gerrit.csv:reviewer_bot,boolean,true,"True if the given patchset reviewer is identified as a bot.")
Filtering on reviewer_bot:false on the Gerrit Timing dashboard showed "No results found" and left all widgets empty.
After disabling the default Changesets only filter, data is displayed. However the item "Median Time First Review (Days)" remains completely empty.

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Please ignore: Notes to myself:

Task description all looks right to me. I guess this task is based on a couple of assumptions of mine that I'd like to lay out:

  1. time_to_first_review is a field on an "enriched" field that is added to an item before entry into elasticsearch
  2. The corollary to the first assumption (in my mind anyway): any filtering done via kibana will NOT change the time_to_first_review of a given patch
    • that is, adding "author_bots is not True" filter will not change the aggregate metrics of time_to_first_review EXCEPT that any patches made by bots will not be represented
  3. The enrichment being applied to a patchset to derive time_to_first_review is the one I found on github
  4. The enrichment's qualifier for what counts as a first review is an approval not by the owner of a patchset (see again github)
  5. A V+2 with a comment counts as an approval

If all the above is correct (which it might not be in some material way) it is probably skewing our numbers a bit as the jenkins-bot user leaves a V+2 with a comment on many of our repos that are setup for CI.

Aklapper renamed this task from How to exclude non-human bot responses when calculating time to first review for Gerrit patches to Allow excluding bot responses (e.g. jenkins-bot V+2) when calculating time to first review for Gerrit patches.Apr 17 2020, 4:58 PM
Aklapper triaged this task as Medium priority.

For the records, I created an internal non-public ticket for clarification with Bitergia as

@thcipriani: Looks like our assumptions are incorrect.

Quoting non-public , in short:

Only the approvals of type code review are considered. In other words, bots are excluded with the condition if approval['type'] != CODE_REVIEW_TYPE: continue in and

Regarding filtering on reviewer_bot:false not working:

This is due to the fact that the index consumed by the dashboard contains different types of documents: comment, approval, patchset and changeset.
The dashboard shows information about the changesets, and the visualizations in it are tailored to this type of documents. reviewer_bot exists only on comments:

Interesting! It sounds like these numbers that seemed to good to be true are accurate.

For fun I was able to confirm at least one patchset: shows a patchset_time_to_first_review of 0.09.

Looking at the git -C mediawiki/tools/release.git log --format=raw refs/changes/70/589370/meta I see a CR+2 at 1587066393 and a creation time at 1587058288:

units $(calc '1587066393-1587058288' | head -1)seconds days
	* 0.09380787

I guess we can call this task invalid since we already exclude bots.