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mass revert of phabricator vandalism by user Nafees791 needed
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Every change made is vandalism:

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Started from the back, about half way done, but this is giving me a headache

@Xaosflux I've added you to acl*userdisable in case you spot something like this again

Did the rest (I think) but someone ought to double check that none were missed.

maybe @CommunityTechBot can do this for us?

./bin/rollback execute --user some_vandal -d exists on the server. See D1145.

I don't know that we can do a rollback after there have already been some reverts, maybe? It might not be worth it for a small number of changes like this though (prefer a db snapshot first, etc)

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Done by running a script (have not used rollback though). Sorry for the interruption, and thanks everyone who helped cleaning up!