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Translate table `revtag` lacks a primary key
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current table
CREATE TABLE /*$wgDBprefix*/revtag (
  rt_type varbinary(60) NOT NULL,

  -- Link to page.page_id
  rt_page int NOT NULL,

  -- Link to revision.rev_id
  rt_revision int NOT NULL,

  rt_value blob NULL
) /*$wgDBTableOptions*/;
-- Index for finding all revisions in a page with a given tag
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX /*i*/rt_type_page_revision ON /*$wgDBprefix*/revtag
(rt_type, rt_page, rt_revision);
-- Index for finding the tags on a given revision
CREATE INDEX /*i*/rt_revision_type ON /*$wgDBprefix*/revtag (rt_revision, rt_type);

The unique index should be converted to a primary key.
There are currently 2 direct references to the index in calls to Database::replace:

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