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InternetArchiveBot should detect and not link to snapshots of domain reselling/domain squatting pages
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When domains expire they sometimes get "squatted" by domain reselling pages. These are unsuitable as references for encyclopaedia articles (except possibly in an article about domain squatting, but that's a niche case).
Where possible, IABot should

  • detect a site as a reselling page and mark it as dead
  • not link to archives of the domain reselling page

In my experience, the following strings as the page title reliably indicate that the page is a domain reselling page:

  • "This website is for sale"
  • "Deze website is te koop"
  • ""
  • "Denna sida är till salu"
  • "available at" [this is the tail end of the string which typically includes the domain name]

The following strings indicate the page is not the original content, but they are not necessarily domain reselling pages

  • "主婦が消費者金融に対して思う事"
  • "page not found"
  • "Website disabled"

These are obviously non-exhaustive lists and false positives are not impossible but will be very rare.

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Sorry, but this isn't feasible to maintain with my limited manpower available. This could perhaps be implemented on the Wayback Machine though.